Exit Readiness as a Service

Tailored survey service for a company preparing to exit.

Survey service for businesses which are

  • planning an exit arrangement in the coming years;

  • preparing for the funding round;

  • looking for suitable investment/buying targets and/or

  • otherwise want to make sure that matters are properly and legally organized within the company.

The service makes it possible to effectively achieve a concise overview of a company's legal affairs. As a result, the client will receive (i) a comprehensive overview of the company's legal status and any potential deficiencies and non-compliance, (ii) a description of how the identified deficiencies and non-compliance may impact on a successful exit process, and (iii) concrete recommendations on corrective measures that, if implemented, will improve the company's chances of a successful exit. The service also serves as a risk management tool for company management and board members. The service does not replace a due diligence process.

Exit Readiness as a Service


Preparing for the business situation survey


Mapping and analysis with an expert


Concrete recommendations for action