MaaS Global

"Co-operation with Fondia is uncomplicated, and we value your proactive and business-oriented approach."

MaaS Global

It's easy to be a customer with Fondia! MaaS Global has a range of legal needs and we appreciate the fact that with LDaaS we get a team of lawyers without paying for a team. At MaaS, we like that Fondia has productised things into the LDaaS service. 

As a customer, we can be demanding. Our business is international and we are growing fast. Fondia has been able to meet this need and the flexibility of the LDaaS service came as a bit of surprise to us. I previously thought that this product concept would be particularly suitable for big companies and companies without a lawyer. Our experience of our co-operation with Fondia has taught us that LDaaS is also suitable for start-up companies and larger growth companies. These days we also have our own lawyer, but we still need Fondia and our Fondia team: one lawyer doesn’t know everything. 

Co-operation with Fondia is uncomplicated, and we value your proactive and business-oriented approach. It’s beneficial for co-operation that we don't have to introduce you or your people to our situation or business, as your approach ensures that the various lawyers in the team are always aware of what is happening with us. 

Sampo Hietanen, Founder & CEO 

MaaS Global


"Our experience of our co-operation with Fondia has taught us that LDaaS is also suitable for start-up companies."