The rendezvous of legal design and your brand

Business Legal Agreements

Legal design is often discussed in the context of making legal matters more understandable and user friendly and it certainly is that. But have you ever considered that legal design could also in fact improve your brand image?

Whether you are selling products or services, legal matters are always affecting your day to day encountering with clients, customers and business partners. Even more than you realize. The image your brand has is the sum of everything you do, including the way you encounter legal matters with the ones that judge and create views on your brand.

Let's take a closer look at this in practice by using an example. Customers have the right by law to return a product in certain situations, for example when online shopping or if the product is defected. From a legal point of view these two situations can be very different from each other and quite confusing sometimes. Now wouldn't it be great from the customer's point of view to have a clear and easy way of finding out their rights directly from you? Wouldn't that build on the trust and respect they have for you as a company and ultimately enhance the overall view they have of your brand?

By investing in the design of your legal matters you are taking into consideration the one on the other side in the same way you take them into consideration when creating or marketing your product or service.