Swedish employment agreement templates need to be updated due to new legislation

A number of amendments to the Swedish Employment Protection Act is proposed to enter into force on 29th of June 2022. The amendments are a result of the implementation of the EU directive on transparent and predictable working conditions, which aims to provide better protection for employees within the EU member states. 

In brief, the amendments entail an extension of the employer's obligation to provide information to employees regarding terms of employment, information which in practice is almost always provided through employment agreements or employee handbooks/policies.

The following are some examples of information which soon need to be included, applicable to all kinds of employments (including short term):

  • Information regarding the provisions employer and employee need to follow in case either of them wishes to end the employment,

  • Information regarding initial salary and other benefits which shall be stated separately and also how payment is made,

  • Information regarding place of work, when there is no fixed or main place of work,

  • Information regarding working time, when it is unforeseen,

  • Information regarding all such social security schemes which the employee will be covered by.

The information also needs to be provided to employees with a managerial position, such as managing directors, which normally are not covered by the provisions of the Employment Protection Act. If the employer fails to provide all information needed, the employer would as before risk paying damages. 

Our recommendation to Swedish employers is to update all template employment agreements before hiring new employees as from the 29th of June 2022. For those employed before this date, the additional information only has to be provided in case an employee requests it.

If you have any questions or would like assistance with making necessary updates, please feel free to contact Fondia’s employment law team, we will be happy to assist you.