Netta Skön – Fondia’s new ESG and Sustainability Competence Lead

News December 9, 2022

Netta Skön takes on the role of Competence lead in ESG and Sustainability at Fondia. The competence team focuses on the legal aspects of sustainability and responsible business and provides services to companies widely across different sectors.

“Sustainability related legal and business considerations play an important role in the future of almost all businesses. Fondia is shaping the way how sustainability and responsible business in the legal industry is integrated into business activities, while ensuring compliance and adding value”, Netta describes the importance of sustainability and Fondia’s part in it.

“Sustainability and responsible business activities are based on cooperation rather than isolation. We need the expertise across different fields of law in addition to the vast technical and strategic knowledge provided by other players. By combining our top-notch legal knowledge, industry-knowledge, and our vision on the future of ESG, compliance and sustainability services, we can deliver the promise of adding true value to our customers”, Netta continues.

Sustainability and responsible business allows and sometimes forces us to ask uncomfortable questions and take a deeper look into our business activities. Fondia’s experts are here to help in all sustainability, ESG, compliance or responsible business-related legal questions companies may encounter. Always with a genuine business-oriented approach.

Learn more about the ESG and Sustainability team and how they can help your business in navigating the challenges and seize the opportunities of ESG and Sustainability.