Major changes to YouTube – comments and personalised ads removed from child-directed videos

Blogs January 8, 2020

Marketing and Consumer Protection

Major changes are coming to YouTube as comments, likes and personalised ads disappear from child-directed videos. All new and old videos should be tagged accordingly during the transition period.

At the start of this year, YouTube will change its policy on child-directed videos after receiving a giant sanction for violating COPPA, a policy that protects children’s privacy.

We have summarise the key changes below, but do not hesitate to ask us for more information.

With future changes:

  • Non-personalised ads (i.e., selected based on context) will continue to appear with child-directed content -> ads will not be removed completely

  • According to YouTube’s own examples, child-directed content typically focuses on the following themes: children or child-directed characters, popular children’s programs or animated characters, stories being performed with or without toys, child protagonists playing and/or imaginative play, and popular children’s songs, stories or poems.

  • It remains to be seen how smart the artificial intelligence used for monitoring content is. For example, how well can it recognise Nordic languages? I imagine that parodies, sketches and memes that feature, for example, popular animated characters will be in the grey area, even though the content is not directly aimed at children -> can the artificial intelligence recognise these genres?

  • Users will be able to report incorrect categorisations to YouTube, but it remains to be seen what the interpretation policy will be.

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