Harri Savolainen appointed as Fondia CEO, Commercial Officer Erkki Hyvärinen to leave the company

News April 28, 2022

The Board of Fondia Plc has appointed Harri Savolainen, MBA (born in 1969) as the CEO of the company beginning from 1.5.2022. Savolainen has worked as Fondia’s interim CEO since 1.12.2021 and as a company CFO and Management team member since 2019.

As Fondia CEO, Harri Savolainen will also manage the company’s financial operations. The appointment of a possible new director will be decided later.

Prior to Fondia Savolainen was working for Telia Finland as B2B operations CFO. In this position Savolainen was responsible, in addition to his CFO role, for several commercial initiatives like Helsinki Data Center project ownership, being the head negotiator for Tripla headquarter initiative and steering the board in ICT-acquisitions. During his previous career Savolainen has also worked in leadership positions for example in SAP, Pohjola and Panasonic.

“The Board initiated the recruitment process to search for a new CEO directly as the previous CEO had left the company in last December. Back then we stated that growth and strong operative leadership are the central features in the company’s next development phase. During the process we have carefully assessed the suitability of many people for the role, and it is delightful to be able to state now that our final selection is an internal applicant. Harri has demonstrated efficient operative and commercial leadership and he has achieved excellent results at Fondia both as CFO and during his tenure as interim CEO. Harri already has a strong track record and evidence of understanding and acting in the corporate culture that is central to Fondia's strategy. We are pleased that Harri continues the work he has already begun as an appointed CEO”, says the Chairperson of the Board Juha Sarsama.

“I want to thank the Board, as well as Fondia employees aka the Fondians, for their trust. I have received a strong support from the personnel and from the Board for the upcoming journey of change. Now, it is good to continue together”, says Harri Savolainen.

Erkki Hyvärinen, who has worked for Fondia and as a member of the Management team since 2009, has resigned and will leave the company at the end of May and move on to a position outside the company. Hyvärinen currently serves as Fondia's Commercial Officer (CCO).

Commercial Officer responsibilities and tasks will be divided inside the company for now and the possible new Commercial Officer role will be decided upon later on.

“Erkki is one of the central Fondia concept and company culture creators and foundations and his departure is indeed a loss for the company. Erkki has worked in Fondia through many phases as a lawyer, team leader, development manager and as a Commercial Officer and he knows the company, its strategy, history and people like the back of his hand. On behalf of The Board and the company we would like to warmly thank Erkki for his invaluable work for the company for over a decade and we wish him all the best for the future”, Juha Sarsama and Harri Savolainen state.