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Fondia's pro bono partners for 2023 selected

News February 15, 2023

The new year offers us yet another opportunity to continue our important pro bono work in all the Fondia countries, Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Lithuania. We have now selected our pro bono partners for 2023 and this year we will focus on supporting partners working with humanitarian work, preventing exclusion, helping children and young people, and supporting young entrepreneurs. Pro bono work is an important part of our sustainability work, and we look forward to supporting our partners with our core expertise.

"Pro bono work is a part of Fondia's responsible actions as a member of society and the local community. This includes offering our legal expertise to partners of our choice or otherwise assisting them according to their needs. We are delighted to work on a long-term basis with our partners who do very valuable work. It is good to see that our staff also appreciate the opportunity to contribute to responsible activities through pro bono work." says Satu Relander, Fondia’s Head of Sustainability

Our pro bono work in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Lithuania

In Finland, our pro bono partners include Finland's largest international aid organization Finn Church Aid, We Foundation, that fights against social inequality and marginalization of children, young people and families, and Wave Ventures, a student-founded venture capital firm.

In Sweden, we do pro bono work with Norrtulls Sportklubben, that aims to promote the integration of migrant children living in the Vasastan area of Stockholm into Swedish society through fun and play.

Our pro bono partners in Estonia are MTÜ Peaasjad, whose main objective is to raise awareness about mental health, tackle the stigma of psychiatric illness and improve access to mental health services, and MTÜ Laste Aeg, which provides day-care and childcare services in Tallinn, Tartu and surrounding municipalities.

In Lithuania, we work pro bono with Nendre Preschool, an affordable and high-quality preschool and daycare center for school children in Vilnius.

Collaboration that makes a difference

‘’We at FCA started our collaboration with Fondia about two years ago, and we are very grateful for the advice the team is giving us on a pro bono basis. The professionalism and availability of the lawyers working with us has proven to be extremely valuable for our operations, whether on Public Procurement, International Procurement, or more generic legal matters. Having Fondia as a support enables us to focus on our core mission: acting for human dignity in some of the most fragile countries on the globe, whilst ensuring we are compliant with laws and regulations.’’ Bruno Duréault, Director, Finance and Operations' Support for Finn Church Aid praises the pro bono cooperation.

Caring for others is at the heart of Fondia's culture. We also want to take greater responsibility for people, society, and the environment. Pro bono work is a natural way for us to implement social responsibility and give back by providing our core competence to a good cause.

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