Fondia Values - My place to work

Blogs July 7, 2016

High-performing organisations typically have a distinctive culture, based on strong, shared values, which foster both a healthy and meaningful work environment, and tangible, sustainable benefits to the customers. Fondia was founded in 2004 with the ambition of building such a values-driven organisation. Our values form the basis of our recruitment criteria, are visible in our offices, and guide our personal development plans. Today, our values, developed by the people here at Fondia, are: ‘Dare to create’, ‘My place to work’, ‘Law made smart’, ‘Give and receive’, and ‘Powered by pride and passion’. In a series of blog posts, various Fondia team members describe what these values mean to them.

My place to work

We spend a large part of our lives at work, so it matters what kind of a place work is. Here at Fondia, we wanted to raise this as a value, because we believe that if a person feels good, they will also do their job well. As a building block of everyday life, the characteristics of the workplace play a big role in promoting well-being.

For us, the phrase ‘My place to work’ has multiple meanings. First of all, it means individuality. It’s easy for people to direct their energy to the tasks at hand when they can be themselves at work. It’s a good thing that we are not all cut from the same cloth in terms of our thoughts, practices, experiences, and appearances. A pinstripe suit does not guarantee expertise, and often a relaxed and personal approach achieves better results.

Everything is based on trust – trust in the fact that we have amazing professionals working here who know best how to do the job at a given time. We want to cherish freedom and flexibility. The work you get done and how you feel when working is much more important than whether you are in the office or not. If on a summer day you can work most easily from the terrace of a café, it’s your right to do your work there. Flexible working is possible if you so choose. Modern technology provides few obstacles to why you could not work where you are able to work the best in terms of the environment, time management, and achieving a work-life balance. Customer and staff satisfaction is how we measure our success.

Each of us will find different aspects of our work rewarding. It’s part of our values to create opportunities for everyone to do what they love. If your passion is to be the best legal expert for your customers, then you can focus on that. On the other hand, you may equally flourish as an excellent salesman, trainer, service developer, or even as a butler. The most important thing is that you feel that you are developing in your job and get to do what you enjoy. This will leave a positive mark on the quality of work.

What values are cherished at your workplace? Do these promote a positive customer experience and a genuine work-life balance? Do these make you happy at work?