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Day 6 - What does independence mean to me?

Blogs June 12, 2017

In the official hashtag of the Finland 100-campaing, #together culminates even one of the Fondia’s core values. One of the stepping stones to our successes has been the same both for our beautiful country and our company. We call our principle “Give and receive” . Making great things would not be possible for a man all by himself. In a small country like ours, we all benefit from sharing ideas and best practices, not to even mention pure help from our peers. Being independent and having the freedom to go vivaciously our own ways is something that we Finns owe to all the brave men and women making this possible exactly hundred years ago.

Independence gives us the freedom needed to fulfill even an another of Fondia’s core values. “Dare to create” as we put it, feels almost like a fundamental right when you live in the modern well-being of Finland but has not always been the case during the darker years of our history. We Fondians have the privilege of being able to make an impact on both on our customer’s lives and on the market in general. Not to mention on our own ways of working and developing our belawed firm and creating new better ways of handling matters and work.

The official celebrations started on Independence Day Eve, on 5th December, and have taken place in Finland as well as abroad. It warms our Fondian hearts to see how our friends all around the world have come together to celebrate our centennial jubilee.

For a Fondian, being independent means both freedom and co-operation. Together we all Finns can do the next hundred years even better. We Fondians work together for an even better tomorrow and are extremely lucky and grateful to be able to do it in this beautiful hundred-year old we proudly call our home!

Happy Independence Day Finland and all the Finns all around the globe! #yhdessä #tillsammans #together

Law, Fondia