Day 19 - Santa and the gift of e-residency

Blogs December 19, 2017

Estonians are waiting with great eagerness this year's Christmas. Namely, the President of Estonia has given Santa the e-residency to celebrate Finland's 100th anniversary. We have heard that Santa is very happy about the present, because it greatly reduces his time spent on buying and delivering gifts and gives to Santa the possibility to spend more time with every Estonian child.

Namely, we have heard that Santa has established online an Estonian company called Joulupukki OÜ and has also made an Estonian bank account to this company. Now he has the opportunity to make digitally signed contracts with Estonian toy shops and he can also easily use the e-Banking and remote money transfers, which is very time-saving. Therefore, there have been rumors that in this year Santa will not bring the presents from Rovaniemi, but the presents are prepared by the Estonian contractors.

Even more, Fondia Baltic is aware that today Santa will conclude a digitally signed contract with the Starship Technologies, company developing small self-driving delivery vehicles, in order the presents would be delivered to children with the small delivery robots. It means that Santa can visit Estonian children without worrying about the gift bags, because the gifts have been already taken to children via robots. Santa can just relax and spend time with every Estonian child.

Merry Christmas from Fondia Baltics!