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Day 11 - How can Santa take advantage of Youtube marketing?

Blogs December 11, 2017

During the Christmas time, Santa’s face decorates everything from groceries to news headlines and everything in between. How is it possible for the consumers to know when the content is paid marketing and when interviews or other non-commercial content. Nowadays a huge amount of marketing is done online. Santa is quite concerned about how to act correctly in social media marketing. What should Santa take in consideration when creating sponsored content?

According to Chapter 2, Section 4 of the Consumer Protection Act, marketing must clearly show its commercial purpose and who is in charge for the marketing. This applies even on of the commercial materials that Santa Claus is doing in Youtube.

So how should Santa and others interested in sponsored SoMe-content mark their marketing in social media channels?

Santa Claus should use a separate text plaque and clear concepts at the beginning of every Youtube video, such as 'commercial co-operation with company X'. The entry itself must be made with a sufficiently clear and large font and should be separated from the background. The marking must also be visible to the viewers for a sufficient length of time to make the marking easy to notice. Santa Claus should also say verbally about commercial co-operation during the video.

It is not enough for Santa Claus or elves to put a cross in the appropriate box 'paid advertising content' of advertising features advertised in YouTube because it does not indicate for whom they are marketed or what the company is advertising.

It is also worth remembering for Santa that nowadays many users are also watching videos with no sound, so only a verbal announcement of commercial cooperation is not a clear enough message to the viewer, even though Santa Claus has a very good voice. That is why we recommend Santa Claus that the mention of co-operation is also visible under the video in the text field so that the viewer does not have to click to open the text field separately.

In addition, Santa Claus should note that labeling methods are clear on all devices, such as computers, tablets, and mobile.

If the Santa Clause decides to make content in the middle of Christmas hassle to other channels than YouTube, commercial co-operation should be equally clearly marked in these channels as well.