Day 10 - How does Santa utilize supercomputers

Blogs October 12, 2017

How can Santa keep up with the changing trends and kids’ changing wishes? This year supercomputers are set to the task of using Big Data to help Santa and some stressed parents on the hunt for trendy seasonal gifts. A US computing giant has launched a super computer smartphone app that distills the sentiment of tens of millions of online conversations by scouring 10,000 sources across social media sites, blogs, forums, comments, ratings and reviews.

This aims to give shoppers a real-time ranking of hot products. A super computer interprets data daily and can tell Santa what real people are saying about it in real time. It reports on the pure numbers, not its opinion. This is extremely useful for Santa as he wants to know what people really expect from him, not what they wished for a months ago or what the advertisers make him and people believe they want and need.

Companies behind the collective knowledge of billions of people on the planet to help Santa (and even maybe a handful of people helping Santa in finding presents to their loved-ones) easily make more informed decisions. Quite useful right?