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Secure your intellectual property rights and assets with Fondia: Our Expert IPR Team safeguards your rights across diverse industries, from IT to Healthcare and beyond.

Keep your rights and assets protected

Fondia's intellectual property rights (IPR) team is comprised of lawyers who have vast experience across multiple industries. We’ll help protect your intellectual property rights and technology assets in IT, media, publishing, sports and entertainment, as well as tech, games, retail, interior design and healthcare.

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Committed to you and your business


We help our clients create and boost their businesses with intangible assets, allowing them to build value and mitigate potential risks related to intellectual property rights.


We do this by helping our clients identify their intellectual property assets and make sure they stay protected, whether it’s with trademark or other registrations or by drafting suitable IPR clauses in everyday business agreements.


We’ll also be there to support you if and when you need to enforce your intellectual property rights against third-party infringements or with any IPR related disputes.

We’ll be there to advise you on:

  • IP audits​

  • Management of your IP portfolio and the commercialization of IP assets

  • Developing IP and brand strategies and managing portfolios over time

  • Checks on whether a new trade name or trademark is available for use and registration

  • Global trademark registrations

  • Trademark monitoring (our Trademark Watch service)

  • Licensing agreements

  • Agreements for research and education collaborations, joint ventures and agreements on technology transfer

  • IPR disputes (trademarks, trade names, copyright infringement, domain name disputes etc.)

  • IPR aspects related to M&A transactions

  • Protection of trade secrets


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IPR and Technology advice from Fondia's legal experts.

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