How to utilize IPR & Data in the Digital Economy

26.1.2023, 8.30-10.30
Fondia House & Online
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January’s Fondia Academy on “How to utilize IPR and Data in the Digital Economy” will give you up-to-date information and tools on how to protect your intellectual property in virtual environments, how to effectively collect and manage data under the evolving regulatory landscape and creating strategies for leveraging these assets to drive success in the digital age.

During the Academy you will hear the latest news on IPR and learn about the new EU Data Act, that will impact all businesses related to connected devices and their data.

Fondia’s experts will go through the obligations and effects of the EU data Act in a practical way and guide you on other related regulations. After which Sebastian Mandart (Information Architect) and Vesa Ilmarinen (CIO) from Platform of Trust Oy share their best practices on how to implement data sharing requirements in practice.

The Fondia Academy can be attended live at the Fondia House or Online.

A tasty breakfast will be served for the attendees at Fondia House at 8:30 AM and the Academy starts at 9 AM.


8:30 Breakfast and mingling for attendees at the Fondia House

9:00 Fondia Academy starts and focuses on the following topics:

Current topics on IPR:

  • Changing copyright legislation in Finland & Sweden

  • Brand protection in virtual marketplaces

 Data Act:

  • What obligations do I need to be aware of?

  • How will the Data Act affect the design of devices?

  • What data needs to be shared and on which conditions?

  • How other related regulations need to be considered?

How to implement required data sharing in practice:

  • Digital contract enables management and monitoring of actual data flows – case Platform of Trust

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