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Startup shareholders’ agreement

The startup shareholders' agreement suits all companies where the founder’s range from a couple to a handful of people and all founders have equal roles, rights and duties in the company’s operations. If you intend to include investors or advisors (or other parties who have deviant rights and duties) in the operations of the company in the near future, please contact us and we’ll separately draw up a shareholders' agreement best suited for you.

Fondia’s startup shareholders' agreement offers a modern and affordable way to draft a comprehensive shareholders' agreement for a fixed price according to your company’s needs. The agreement includes provisions on e.g.:

  • Company decision-making at the board and the shareholders' meetings
  • Company financing and incentive schemes
  • Shareholders’ obligation to work for the company
  • Share transfer restrictions
  • Non-compete and non-solicitation prohibitions
  • Exits
  • Breach of agreement and contractual penalty

Fondia's General Terms and Conditions of service are applied on the assignment.

Do you need an shareholders' agreement for your startup?

Data Protection Officer as a Service - DPOaaS

Most organizations are required to have a Data Protection Officer. Even when it is not required, it is recommended. Fondia helps you and makes sure you are covered and compliant with the GDPR!

Why outsource?

  • Works like your own Data Protection Officer but as an outsourced service
  • You get the knowledge and expertise of privacy professionals with a better understanding
  • Saves time and resources
  • No conflict of interest
  • The clear pricing from the outset makes budgeting easy
  • You can fully concentrate on developing your business
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Ask our lawyers

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