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Tämer Mohsen
Senior Legal Counsel

I joined Fondia in August 2019. I’m part of our General Counsel / SPARKS team which means that in addition to working as a Senior Legal Counsel for our Clients I work with Fondia’s customer experience, sales and brand. After graduating from University of Helsinki’s Law School I've spent my career in the commercial creative industry, mainly in advertising and in content production.

I came to Fondia from one of the leading creative agency groups in northern hemisphere, hasan & partners Helsinki, where I worked with local and global brands and held producer and director/management level positions. I'm a generalist by nature with a special twist on marketing, content production, entertainment, communications, design and all things related. My background as a producer / lawyer gives me unique perspective and experience within these fields of businesses. An ideal place for me to operate is together with the business and to me legal expertise, profession has always been an enabler of actual business and not only a solution to an escalation.

I hail from Helsinki, Töölö with my son and wife and my favorite quote is ”improvise, adapt & overcome”. When I’m not working or spending time with my family I’m most likely reading/listening to a book or watching a documentary or a [insert TV series or a movie].

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