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Rebecca Ewe
Legal Counsel

Technology and innovation has a major impact on our everyday lives and future. Which is why intellectual property law is the most exciting area within the field of law. I work primarily with giving our clients strategic advice on the protection and licensing of various intellectual assets, which entails commercial agreements with international aspects, dealing with infringements and much more. I have a passion for entrepreneurship, which is why I also work a great deal with Fondia Sweden's various partnerships.

I strongly believe in delivering solutions where the customer and their business are focused upon and here at Fondia I get to do that and be a part of modernizing the legal industry. With a fondness for different quotes, "you must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be".

I am a talkative enjoyer of life, travel junkie and foodie with a great passion for life and all things I do. I'm happy to talk about trademarks, open source software or why not the meaning of life over a beer in the ski slope?

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