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Nina Wittholt
Senior Legal Counsel, Team Leader

I have worked operationally and strategically with commercial law and business development in various forms for over twenty years: In court, as a lawyer at some of Sweden's leading law firms, as General Counsel for some global, market-leading corporations and as entrepreneur and founder of a startup business law firm. By combining legal excellence with an experience-based insight into what drives the customer's business, I help the customer achieve its business goals.

Ever since I worked as an in-house lawyer myself, I have thought about how to best create value as a lawyer for the customer. My conclusion is that it is best done through customer obsession, through flexible, transparent, value-based business models, delivered to the customer in a partnership by the use of smart IT solutions, by competent, business-oriented employees who love their jobs. And that's why I've chosen to work at Fondia.

My focus areas are Commercial Contracts, Corporate Law, M&A, International Contract Law, Legal Risk Management and Business Development. I work across most industries, but with some particular fondness for Tech and IT, Manufacturing Industry and Automotive.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I love to be out in the nature, to travel, to cook (and eat) food, to read, to paint and to constantly learn new things, preferably outside my comfort zone.

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