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Marika Aho
Senior Legal Counsel, Team Leader

I started at Fondia on a sunny spring day in 2011. I comprehensively tend to the legal needs of many customers through Fondia’s Legal Department as a Service. I’m also a part of Fondia’s Leadership team. In addition to matters relating to business- and contract law, my day-to-day work involves a business enabling touch and is very practical. In long customer relationships both parties gain a lot, which in part is what makes this job great. I strongly believe in teamwork both in internal and external work. Even difficult projects reach their goal through good collaboration. I’ve long been working especially on matters related to circular economy and the health industry. These two sectors are growing and interesting in the field of law even in the future.

I’ve previously worked as a company lawyer at Neste and Tieto, and as an attorney. I also enjoy educating, and competition law related educations are always interesting. I’ve often heard that I have an eye for educating and that I get people to join the discussion. In my free time I sing in “Lain Huuto”, at least to my knowing the only and best lawyer choir in the country. Outdoor life, boating and spending time at the summer cottage in the hill landscape with family and friends is also something I enjoy a lot.

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