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Linda Graf
Senior Legal Counsel

I get inspired of and attract to entrepreneurship, especially when it concerns construction and technology-related matters. It’s amazingly rewarding to understand complex technical connections and to manage them by interpreting the law. Practicing the law in a strategic way and to advice the client on various policy options is also a wonderful challenge, especially from a risk-minimizing point of view and on the basis of business cases. The business cases differ depending on our customers’ business orientations, marketing positions, goals, and challenges, etc.

I started at Fondia in the fall of 2019 after working as an attorney. I also have experience of working as a governmental authority and in the court of law. At Fondia I primarily work with construction and consultancy law. I help our customers by instance with establishing and auditing contracts, and also represent them in disputes, both in court and arbitration procedures when needed.

I believe in transparency and communication to understand each other’s businesses and see myself as a brave and perseverant person. When not examining construction-related documents I enjoy the feel of skis under my feet, waves under a surfboard and my fingers in the soil under some exotic plant which's survival I fight for in the harsh Nordic climate.

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