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Lars Fridén
Legal Counsel

I have heard that I do not come across as a typical lawyer. What this means I do not exactly know but it seems to work very well with my work at Fondia. Fondia gives me the tools and space to work with the things I am good at and in a way that suits me the best. The things I am good at seems to be agreements in all its forms, corporate law and employment law. Before the merge with Fondia, I worked at Jansson & Norin with a specific focus on start-up companies with big ambitions. Experience-wise, growth-companies are my favorite kind of customers. Therefore, I have come to work a lot with funding, incentive programs and different kinds of commercial agreements. I am also a returnee to Fondia after a shorter period with an audit firm.

If I am not at the office, you can probably find at the gym, on the running-track, the football court or at the golf course.

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