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Ilmari Eskola
Junior Trainee

I’m a first-year law student at University of Helsinki and now a happy Fondian as well. In the age of 23 I have made Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management at University of Jyväskylä and began the Master’s studies this fall. It’s nice to study these two subjects and familiarize myself to lawely working life as a junior trainee in Fondia.

Originally, I’m from Helsinki and that’s why it’s great to be back here after a few years in Central Finland and short working periods in Tampere and Vaasa regions. Sports is one of my passions - especially when football, tennis and golf are concerned. Five years ago, we grounded a football team with the other 90’s lads and by now the team is dominating in the 5th division.

On holidays, I often travel abroad with my friends and spend time at our summer cottage nearby Lohja. Otherwise you may find me hanging out at various music festivals, cafes or nature parks where I use to seek relaxed state of mind.

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