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Anni Lammila

I started my legal studies at the University of Helsinki in 2016, and worked as a Junior Trainee in a medium-sized law firm during my second year, after which I completed my bachelor’s degree in the fall of 2019. Regarding my studies, my interest has mainly been leaning towards company law, IPR and data security. In the future I see myself working as an in-house lawyer within e.g. IT and tech.

I spend my spare time either exercising variously or enjoying the company of my close ones. Yoga has been an important part of my life for already many years, on top of which I like spending time in the forest or the mountains, since the nature and especially hiking are close to my heart. An ecological and sustainable lifestyle are of high importance for me, whereby my traveling is limited to only traveling by land: luckily, Lapland is only 8 hours away. If not exploring the nature or working out, I will usually be found with a book in my hand or studying at the library.

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