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Louise Malmberg

Senior Legal Counsel, Swedish Contracts and Technology Lead +46 723 940 619 Malmö

Louise works in Fondia's Malmö office, mainly with IP, commercial contract law and Data & AI.

Explaining and communicating law in the simplest and most tailored way possible has always been a part of my work that I have been particularly passionate about. For several years I worked as a lawyer in Barcelona, where I naturally took on the role of translator of both language, culture and law for the Swedish and Spanish actors. I therefore always strive to make it easy for clients to understand and take on board legal advice, whatever the circumstances.

I have a law degree from the University of Gothenburg and am in my sixth year as a practising lawyer. In Sweden I'm the responsible Competence Lead for the legal area Contracts & Technology, and I'm also a part of our competence group Data and AI.

In my spare time, I enjoy watching critically acclaimed movies and comics, kayaking, walking and planning my next trip.

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