Karin Broman

Senior Legal Counsel +46 709 611 520 karin.broman@fondia.com Göteborg

Karin Broman

My passion is innovation-intensive companies in the growth phase and being able to help clients with the legal tools needed to achieve their strategic business goals. As a lawyer, when I get involved in a case, I strive to be a facilitator, or to reduce the client’s legal risks.

I have extensive knowledge in intellectual property law and related contract issues, commercial contract law, market law and competition issues, as well as board issues. After many years of experience as a lawyer at various companies, a consultant at an agency and working on my own, I joined Fondia in August 2019. I firmly believe in Fondia’s efforts to proactively support our clients, so that they can realise their business goals.

If I am not at work, I am probably out running, playing a round of very bad golf, canoeing or sailing. 

Commercial contract law
Intellectual Property Rights
Competition Law
Market Law
E-Commerce Law
Corporate governance
Board work
Automotive industry
Media & event
Tech start-ups
Innovation-intensive companies