Anne Kangasniemi

Group Competence Development Officer, Senior Legal Counsel +358 20 7205 768 Helsinki

Anne Kangasniemi

I work with customers in various industries with questions related especially to change and transformation. With my team, we concentrate on legal tech and new ways of working. We help customers to excel with the possibilities tech solutions bring both to the legal function and the customer's main business. This is what attracted me to Fondia in the first place - working in an in-house manner but changing the legal industry and lawyers to better serve customers at the same time.

As a team leader and member of Fondia Finland's management team, I work with the changing legal industry to fit our solutions to customer's needs. I take this same approach to my daily work with customers. My employment law and regulation counsel background enables me to take a holistic view of the matters. I have been working especially with passenger transport facing disruption, minority rights, and staff leasing and services for technology and energy industries as well as many others such as gaming. I help our customers to find sustainable solutions that take into consideration the customer's business.

Outside work I enjoy living life with a husband and kids, pets, house and garden, building and renovating, and some endurance training. And definitely not to forget with a book and delicious food.

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