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"An ambitious, growing company such as this can benefit greatly from the versatility of Fondia’s Legal Department."


Docrates is a private clinic specialized in cancer diagnostics, treatment, and follow-up, which has been using Fondia’s legal services from its outset. Operations have been moving at a phenomenal pace during its first two years as Docrates has built its own clinic in Ruoholahti, Helsinki, and hired dozens of personnel.

Since the spring of 2007, Fondia has been in charge of a multitude of judicial matters relating to the company's founding, employer’s responsibilities, international agreements, patient advocacies, financing, and the issuing of shares.

A continuous five-year plan is in sync with legislative changes within the industry, accurately anticipating any future needs. And Fondia's assistance has enabled Docrates to operate as a convincing negotiator, for example, when the company has dealt with lawyers hired by major international pharmaceutical companies. “We have managed to negotiate surprisingly significant changes to agreements, and it has given me a great sense of gratification” states Harri Puurunen, one of the founders and the Chief Financial Officer of Docrates.

An ambitious, growing company such as this can benefit greatly from the versatility of Fondia’s Legal Department. Sometimes the customer requires in-depth expertise in various special fields, while other times, they may not need any legal services for weeks. However, everything can be handled with a yearly agreement, with all expenses budgeted in advance. Puurunen feels that this type of approach improves not only the quality of jurisprudence but also the quality of business.

“If I had to call a lawyer every time something came up, I would begin to worry about the charges, and it would make it harder for me to use the service. But with Fondia, our lawyers use their initiative to ask me for documents that they then duly revise" remarks Puurunen. Docrates also actively uses the Fondia Toolkit for all confidential communication and filing.

Puurunen is also intrigued by the fact that both companies share the same vision. That vision is to provide the best possible quality service to the customer, develop new services, expand internationally and take good care of the personnel. “Fondia has become an integral part of our company. To me, it feels like the two companies and the people involved really understand each other" says Puurunen.

Harri Puurunen, CFO

Docrates Ltd.

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"We have managed to negotiate significant changes to agreements and it has given me a great sense of gratification."