Fondia won an award for its innovative corporate strategy in FT Innovative Lawyers Awards 2013

Blogs October 4, 2013

The 7th Annual FT Innovative Lawyers Awards took place late yesterday at the Natural History Museum in London.

Now in its eighth year of publication, the FT Innovative Lawyers Report has become one of the top legal rankings in Europe and the accompanying awards are widely regarded as the best researched in the market. FT bases both the report and awards on thorough research and robust journalism.

What a night it was. Over 350 guests from mainly UK and European law firms were attending. All dressed sharp, exchanging ideas and views on innovation and the future of us lawyers. Everyone hoping that their company would win a category and make the list of 50 law firm innovators.

The Fondia team was there among a very distinguished team of companies and people. It was an honor to be shortlisted, and not only once but in fact three times. Being recognised feels especially good when you have worked for years with a mission to rewrite the legal industry. I am so proud of all Fondians who have put their heart and passion into making Fondia the special company it is today. I am also greatful for the support, feedback and ideas we have received from our customers and partners. Some of them were also interviewed in the evaluation phase. Thanks!

Winning an award was a dream come true!! It was so exciting to hear Fondia's name mentioned as a nominee in the two other awards but nothing can describe the feeling when Fondia was nominated as the most innovative firm in the corporate strategy. Fondia also made the list of 50 Law firm innovators and was ranked number 18. Wow!

Being recognised by Financial Times and awarded amongst the absolute top law firms in Europe is a great achievement that gives us a lot of energy to continue innovating better services for our customers and better working environment for our people. This is also something that a Finnish law firm has never been able to achieve before.

Check out todays FT for more information. Fondia is well reprsented there. Greetings from early London morning. I am feeling a bit tired but so happy that our hard and persistent work got the recognition it deserves.