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Legal Tech & New Ways of Working

The world is changing fast, creating new questions and new requirements. Navigating the legal waters around new business models and technology can be complex. We can help you make it simple.

Let’s innovate together

Maybe you want to ensure that the design of your legal texts and materials supports your business and customer relations in the best possible way? Maybe you want to automate your agreements but aren’t sure about the solutions offered by different vendors? Or maybe you just have a hunch that your legal matters and documents could serve your business better? Whatever your situation may be, Fondia’s lawyers are here to help.

Our Legal tech & new ways of working team will work with you to find the best approach for your business and your needs. The team has decades of expertise in new areas of law, disruption and finding solutions designed around new business models. As you and your team innovate your business, we’ll be by your side innovating how law is done.

We’re not pushing a product, we’re driving solutions

At Fondia, we see legal tech as a natural part of the everyday life of any size or shape of legal function. Our Legal Tech & New Ways of Working team will help you find and vet new tools, ensuring that your needs are met during system changes. We’ll also help you develop your legal function to better support your business. The team is set up to help you with legal questions around issues like AI, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, covering your rights with new innovations, platforms and gig economy business models. We’re committed to designing legal strategies, documents and tools to support the success of your business.

Legal tech
Document automation
Expert systems
Contract analysis
Legal design
Legal operations
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Legal technologist

Committed to you and your business

Fondia’s Legal tech & new ways of working team offers a new approach to legal matters and documentation to better serve your needs. Our team will work closely with your team to identify the questions and solutions that are most relevant to your business. Our lawyers and technologists have extensive experience managing change in legal functions and applying technology solutions to support businesses. They also have in deep knowledge of many legal areas and experience in a wide range of industries, which makes them uniquely positioned to understand even the most complex cross-functional needs.

Do you have a solution in mind you would like to explore more but don’t have the time to investigate – we offer an experienced legal counsel & technologist to help you. Let’s discuss more and find a setup that works for you in the best possible way.

We’ll be there to advise you on:

  • Legal technologist as a helping hand

  • Document automation

  • Document automation tools

  • Document management process evaluation from the legal point of view

  • Expert systems

  • Contract analysis tools

  • Evaluation and development of legal processes

  • Legal design

  • AI

  • NFTs

  • Cryptocurrencies

  • Privacy by design

  • Platform businesses

  • Gig-economy

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"Fondia’s lawyers are very professional and they have a good understanding of international business."

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