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October 7, 2020

How to measure the total impact of legal design?

Fondia seeks to find the concrete business benefits of legal design as part of Katri Nousiainen’s pioneering empirical research on legal design.

Katri Nousiainen, doctoral student at Hanken, examines the total impact of legal design on commercial contracts in her PhD work ‘Legal Design and Ethics in Commercial Contracts’. Legal design can be used to help achieve customer-oriented and user-friendly legal services and products by either redesigning existing products and services or by creating something completely new. Nousiainen believes in the power of innovation and has joined forces with Fondia to gather Fondia’s client companies’ experiences of legal design.

Nousiainen believes that co-operation between the scientific community and businesses will be an important factor in future success. In her research, Nousiainen is co-operating with international and influential business partners, such as insurance company Fennia, Fondia and Design Forum Finland.

Since its establishment, Fondia has sought to reform the legal field through service and legal design. The company’s strategy has focused on developing the accessibility of legal services and making these available to operators of all sizes using modern solutions. As part of its corporate responsibility work, Fondia seeks to lower the threshold for obtaining legal assistance and to influence the social debate on the importance of legal understanding at all levels of society.

“At Fondia, we believe that when an expert makes a complex issue easy to understand, we can focus on finding concrete business benefits together with the client. Fondia’s way of working is characterised by a legal and service design focused approach, which has also enabled us to better take into account ethics and efficiency in providing legal services that are very important to us. We are excited to be involved in this high-quality research and believe that our clients and service development will benefit from this unique dialogue between scientific research and practical legal working models,” says Leena Hellfors, CEO of Fondia.




Katri Nousiainen

 European Master in Law and Economics (LL.M)

Master Universitario di primo livello

Master d’Analyse Economique du Droit et des Institutions

Nousiainen is undertaking her PhD work on legal design at the Department of Commercial Law at Hanken School of Economics and is currently conducting research at UC Berkley Law, at the Center for Law and Technology.